Restoration and Repair

We specialize in water damage repair and restoration service in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

Despite the severity of your water damage, we are always ready to cater to you anytime that is convenient for you. We highly value your time, as we know that emergency situations are critical to the success of treating and solving the problem. Our fast dedicated support team can be on site in a quick as one hour.


Since water damage is our expertise, we immediately know what to do if happen to experience any of these typical emergencies like flash floods, storm surge floods or even levee failure floods. We take every scenario serious as if it’s our own home because according to the United States Geological Survey, flooding was ranked the top one natural disaster when it comes to property damage. The damages are astonishingly high with amounts as high as twenty billion dollars in damages.


Our team of experts conducts a thorough analysis and inspection of your home to make sure that the structure and architectural integrity of your home or place of business is stable and strong. The last thing we make sure our clients do not experience is mold infestation, which is caused by the extra moisture, which as a result can create a unhealthy living environment for your family and loved ones.


Mold that is left untreated right away can cause asthma, lung cancer and infection, skin infection and sometimes death. Over time if the mold is left untreated, the spores of the mold can multiple and spread throughout the household making them more dangerous to your respiratory health. Fungal infections and toxins are some of the severe chronic respiratory conditions that usually develop from breathing and inhaling mold.


That is why we have custom designed our top level of support for our customers by providing you with 24/7 Dedicated Emergency service. Our dedication to being on time ensures that our team will arrive within one to two hours of contact. Our team of technicians are certified, licensed, bonded and insured to give you that peace of mind.


Our licensed and professional water damage technicians are trained to treat and fix fire and smoke damage as well. The damage caused by smoke saturation can seriously destroy whatever is left from the fire. Smoke leaves tiny particles called ash which can leave a nasty odor and film residue that can cause even more damage to your valuable household belongings like furniture, clothes and carpet.


We work with all major insurance companies in the country including ones like:


  • All State
  • Progressive
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • AIG
  • Many more….